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For Us, the Right Way is the Only Way

The Carmel Valley Manor mission is to balance active and vibrant independent living with the security of a Life Plan Community by maintaning an adaptable and flexible organization that addresses the needs and interests of current and future residents through its facilities and services.

Our Values

Principled Leadership: We are progressive and continually strive to be a leader in our industry by keeping abreast of and responding to changes in the Life Plan industry and deliver services in a manner consistent with the highest standards of our field. We value the balance between financial sustainability of the organization and the needs and interests of our community.

Engagement: Residents are fully engaged in self-governance and program planning with regard to their intellectual, cultural, educational and spiritual activities. Employees are fully engaged in creating a residential environment and business organization that meets the needs of our residents and that they can take pride in.

Respect: We respect the confidence shown by Manor residents and employees and demonstrate this respect by striving to enhance the living and working environment of the Manor.

Transparency: We support transparency in our financial and administrative operations and decision making processes.

Integrity: We live our values in our relationships with residents, their families and staff.

Compassionate: We are sensitive to and supportive of the concerns and needs of others.

Wellness: We believe wellness is not merely an absence of illness, but a multi-dimensional and holistic approach to life based on individual responsibility. The Manor's wellness philosophy includes the dimensions of social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, intellectual and physical wellness.

Social Accountability: Our organization is a caring community partner that believes in the value of being part of a larger community and partners with others to improve the quality of life in our region.