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It started with a dream and determination.

1950 - The Northern California Congregational churches petitioned their national denomination "to give serious attention to the duty which Congregational Churches have toward elderly people."

1959 - In search of a location for the community, the Board visits Hollow Hills Farm and is captivated by the spell of trees, the lift of the land, and the mood of serenity, which wrapped buildings, barns, livestock, and gardens in a magic way. Purchase of the land is finalized in 1960 and, later, The Chapel is named Hollow Hills Chapel in honor of the original title of the property.

1960 - Dr. and Mrs. Pratt moved into the original adobe cottage on the property known as "The Guest House" and lived there for 3 years. The conference board authorized the formation of a California non-profit corporation called Northern California Congregational Retirement Homes, Inc. to construct, own, administer and operate a home for the aged. The corporation board voted to employ the award winning architectural firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill of San Francisco. Plans were made public and the Monterey Peninsula Herald carried a story on them for Carmel Valley Manor on which the planning commission would take action on June 28th.

1962 - Construction of Carmel Valley Manor began, which involved a "Celebration of the start of construction."

1963 - Opening day of Carmel Valley Manor arrived and Dr. and Mrs. Pratt moved to their home in the Valley to make more room for new residents.

1964 - Dr. Pratt took the first step toward the forming of The Residents Council by appointing a nominating committee of four residents, and they came up with a list of nine nominees and a modus operandi that met with general approval. The nine nominees were elected for one year as the first Residents Council and the first meeting of the council was held 2 days later.

1970 - The meeting House was dedicated to the Memory of William David Pratt.

1973 - The tenth Anniversary of Carmel Valley Manor was celebrated with residents, Board Members and with Bill Williams as Master of Ceremonies.

1974 - Preliminary planning for an additional Medical Center extension was initiated and a fund-raising drive for $115,000 was started by a "Can Do" committee of twenty, chaired by Dick Pershing.

1975 - The Board of Directors had donated nearly 3 acres of land, purchased in connection with the building of Hillcrest House, to the County, for the purpose of building a fire station for Mid-Valley fire protection.

1995 - A ground-breaking ceremony was held to signify the beginning of the Health Center Project.

2001 - A state-of-the-art fitness center opened and was located adjacent to the swimming pool. It quickly became a mecca for body building and toning.

2008 - The Carmel Pine Cone's survey resulted in awarding to the Manor its accolade of "Best Retirement Community" on the Monterey Peninsula.

2011 - The extension of the main dining room, a pleasant addition with a stepped ceiling, skylights and acoustic barriers became the casual dining room, where in the evenings, ties and coats were no longer required.

2013 - Carmel Valley Manor celebrated its 50th Anniversary and launched a new website with videos and a mobile friendly design.

2015 - The Manor is again awarded "Best Retirement Community" on the Monterey Peninsula by The Carmel Pine Cone.

2016 - "Best Retirement Community" on the Monterey Peninsula was bestowed upon Carmel Valley Manor by The Carmel Pine Cone for a third time.

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