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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why Choose Carmel?
A: Carmel Valley Manor is located in rural Carmel where the weather is temperate and the sun shines 300 days of the year. Carmel is one of the most sought after places to visit in California because of the natural scenery and is known for its artistic community. We have exceptional facilities and amenities and offer life plan care that will cover your healthcare needs when you reside at Carmel Valley Manor.
Q: What is the benefit of early entry?
A: You'll have the sense of freedom and leisure time to spend doing what you enjoy rather than what you have to do. If you enter before 76, you'll enjoy a reduced entrance fee.
Q: What is Life Care planning?
A: We help you with your life care planning to help you identify present and future care needs. It is a financial model that helps you manage your financial status that protects financial resources, so you do not need long-term health care insurance. At Carmel Valley Manor, we make sure that you get the care you need and offer peace of mind that the right choices are made while preserving family's resources. There are no additional fees for a higher level of care.
Q: How is a Life Care Community regulated?
A: We are licensed by the state of California, accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). We are also members of Leading Age. See http://cvmanor.com/affiliations.php
Q: What amenities are available at Carmel Valley Manor?
A: Think of it as resort style living supported by healthcare and wellness. You will have use of all community facilities including the dining room, fitness center, library, computer center, swimming pool and spa, games and recreation areas and craft rooms. Click here find out more http://cvmanor.com/amenities.php
Q: Are you pet friendly?
A: The answer is Yes! Please contact us if you are planning on having your pet join our community.
Q: What is in your control?
A: Residents can customize, redecorate, renovate where they live. We highly encourage individuality and welcome it. You have the freedom to come and go as you please. We have an open door policy and we are non intrusive.
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